Starfish Innovations is a commercialisation company formed to drive regenerative medicine research and its broad applicability across disease areas, to transform lives by bringing novel treatments to patients.

Starfish Innovations connects capital to innovation, collaborating with leading centres for regenerative medicine across Europe and more widely, to gain access to IP and early therapy portfolios, including proprietary access to IP arising from LUMC.

Starfish Innovations will create an operating model that enables the essential final step in the valorisation chain. This will include the following activities:

Supporting research and development

  • Projects will be selected on the basis that they have a clearly defined application to the benefit of patients, that they are technically feasible, and that an economically acceptable production method can be developed.

  • The above activities will happen primarily within the facilities of the LUMC. To this end, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the LUMC will allow Starfish Innovations access to laboratories, patients and instruments. The LUMC shall also second both scientific and other staff to Starfish Innovation

Advanced development of production methods

This will be conducted in close collaboration with private partners, who will be expected to provide expertise, and also to act as co-investors. These development activities will be accommodated in separate Product BVs, with the interest of Starfish Innovations maintained through the holding.

Product testing and securing of necessary permits

Starfish Innovations will secure the relevant expertise to plan both preclinical pharmacological and toxicological studies, as well as initial and in some instance full clinical trials. Where necessary appropriate licences and permits shall also be obtained.

Facilitating Innovation development and application

As well as scouting all active regenerative medicine projects within the LUMC, Starfish Innovations will also build networks with institutions and other partners to expand the portfolio of advanced regenerative therapies, and to secure and exploit additional IP for selected projects.