Starfish Innovations brings new medicines closer to the patient by commercialising innovative regenerative medicine therapies, diagnostics and technologies from leading European universities, Institutes and other partners to accelerate breakthroughs in regenerative medicine across a broad range of diseases.

Founded in 2016 by the Leiden University Medical Centre, Starfish Innovations has attracted funding to support the commercialisation of its existing pipeline of regenerative medicine technologies.

Starfish Innovations works with academic projects from the earliest stages, with proprietary access to intellectual property developed at Leiden University Medical Centre and strong networks throughout Europe, connecting scientific innovation in regenerative medicine to capital in order to maximise societal and commercial potential.

Alongside the development of a pipeline of regenerative therapies, Starfish Innovations provides access to its research expertise and world-class cGMP facilities through collaborations with partners worldwide.

Led by a passionate scientific and medical team with strong academic research backgrounds and a deep-understanding of regenerative medicine, combined with excellent cGMP facilities for the manufacture of cell therapy and tissue engineering products, Starfish Innovations is progressing new therapies to address major diseases affecting an aging population including diabetes, heart disease and organ failure.